Guide 101: Things To Know Before You Invest In Silver!

A lot of investors are interested in silver. After gold, it remains one of the most liquid and in-demand metals in the world, and there all sorts of dealers who offer silver in different forms. There are varied kinds of silver items out there – right from fine timepieces, dental work, jewelry, flatware, and bullion. Most dealers also accept silver jewelry with gemstones, and you can expect to get a good price, when you choose to sell off your investment. If you are buying silver for the first time and have no clue of the aspects that need attention, here are some quick facts that may matter.

Buying silver from a dealer

When it comes to precious metals, the source is critical. You want to be absolutely sure that both the source of silver and the seller are genuine. Find a good dealer that’s experienced and has equipment certified. You may want to check their license and if they trade each item individually as per standards, based on value of silver. Find from where they source their metals, which should be ideally the U.S. Mint or any of the known and reliable private mints. Make sure that these mints are on the LBMA Good Delivery List.

Pricing and more

The price of silver fluctuates on a day-to-day basis, which is known as the spot price. When you buy silver on a given day, you are paying the spot price, and much like gold, silver is considered to be a liquid asset. There is no way that you will have real silver or any of the precious metals and would not find a buyer. The dealer, for this very reason, is important. You want to find one who has a physical store and will buy back your investment when required, so that liquidity of the asset is maintained. Also, do not buy a lot of silver at one go. The price difference between gold and silver is huge, and therefore, you cannot always store everything. A diversified portfolio should have a mix of precious metals, which have been purchased from licensed dealers.

Silver should be a part of your investment profile, but make sure that you buy the right thing. Secondly, do not shy away from investing in rare coins, which can be purchased from licensed dealers and always fetch considerably more than the spot price of silver. Check online for dealers now!